When your loving mother is also a trigger-happy hothead and your father is a street-hustling player, your life becomes a cyclone of chaos, with little chance for normalcy. Kali grew up in Texas surrounded by violence, and guns were as common as cowboy boots. But when her mother was murdered in cold blood, her life spiraled into an abyss, leaving her drowning in a series of failed relationships with men who often mirrored her father’s womanizing ways.  


Kali is in survival mode and on the search for love, indulging herself in dysfunctional relationships with frat boys, street hustlers, liars, cheaters, and thieves. As a single mother of three, fathered by three different men, she struggles with the consequences of her decisions, determined to escape her past. But she must face her past to secure her future. Kali’s yearning for self-worth and identity launches her on a journey to reconnect with her passions, find herself, and discover that true love starts within.


The Secret Life of Strawberries

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